The Chilean Life…

It has been just over two weeks in Chile and already so much has happened and there is so much more to look forward to in the coming months. Last night, […]


Today I made it to Pichilemu, Chile, a surf town on the Pacific. The experience of hospitality and friendship surpassed expectations after the first hour. Esti, the adorable little lady […]

The Track.

Yesterday morning I woke up to reading an article widely spread on my Facebook feed regarding the probable loss of one of the best cycling education resources we have in Minnesota, the […]

In one week’s time…

Every day seems like any other, but so much is learned. Things I’ve notice: Although my name is Terra, it’s pronounced differently since the rr’s are rolled. It’s fun having […]


Very early this morning Christmas came once again and we received the schedules for half of the season. I haven’t been this excited since I received my custom made track […]

Living the dream

I’ve been dreaming about this post for five months and now that I can unleash its news it’s hard to even narrow down the title let alone the rest of […]

Bike/Stuff Sale

Yakima Stickup 1.25” Hitch Rack (used just this summer) – $150 Fi’zi:k Arione CX K:IUM Saddle (new) Rapha Edition – $100 Rudy Project STERLING HELMET in Le Fluo Green (used […]

Mandatory Mountain Time

Life is about balance, ying yang, work/life, our chi, in relationships, time dedicated to being on the bike, time off the bike, and maybe on which bike. Recently I took […]

Tour of Elk Grove

New Rule: Write race report within 48 hours of ending race. That whole full time job and training keeps eating into my time to write and before I know it, […]


This is just too good not to share! Mpls hottie, Kelly Minx takes Tour interviews to a whole new level! Damn guuuuuurl!

The Next Chapter

With the conclusion of NVGP 2013, this means break time! I’ve now had a few days of no riding! Ok confession, I did an AM spin with a friend Monday […]

NVGP Day 2

I had that good feeling heading into 93 miles. I wasn’t really nervous even though this was the longest road race I’d had ever raced. We started out SO conservatively […]

NVGP Quick Post: Day one

Day one is over…which I’m very happy about. I haven’t even looked at my results but I know where I stand. Honestly I wasn’t mentally ready at all for day […]

Allergic to gravity

Leaving right after work Thursday mom and I made the 11-hour drive down to Tulsa, OK for Tulsa Tough, a three-day crit series. I’ve been excited about this crit series […]

A First for Everything

This weekend I head off to Chattanooga, TN for the US National Road Race. This will be my first US National event and no matter which way you slice it, […]

Half The Road

A friend sent me this video and I feel the need to share it. It is incredibly true how under valued the women’s racing is. Every time I make it […]

Last or First?

After posting From Rollers to Redlands a few people shared an article that had been written just a few weeks prior. I hadn’t read the article until after Redlands (and […]

From Rollers to Redlands

Along with all the great entries I look forward to posting here, I feel it’s only appropriate to share with you an entry that isn’t as “great”. I started this […]

Who woulda thunk it?

In 2005 I started thinking about riding my bike more. When I graduated from college in January 2003 my brother Kory had built me a Russ Denny road frame set […]