The Track.


Yesterday morning I woke up to reading an article widely spread on my Facebook feed regarding the probable loss of one of the best cycling education resources we have in Minnesota, the […]

In one week’s time…

Every day seems like any other, but so much is learned. Things I’ve notice: Although my name is Terra, it’s pronounced differently since the rr’s are rolled. It’s fun having […]


Very early this morning Christmas came once again and we received the schedules for half of the season. I haven’t been this excited since I received my custom made track […]

Living the dream

I’ve been dreaming about this post for five months and now that I can unleash its news it’s hard to even narrow down the title let alone the rest of […]

Bike/Stuff Sale

Yakima Stickup 1.25” Hitch Rack (used just this summer) – $150 Fi’zi:k Arione CX K:IUM Saddle (new) Rapha Edition – $100 Rudy Project STERLING HELMET in Le Fluo Green (used […]

Mandatory Mountain Time

Life is about balance, ying yang, work/life, our chi, in relationships, time dedicated to being on the bike, time off the bike, and maybe on which bike. Recently I took […]

Tour of Elk Grove

New Rule: Write race report within 48 hours of ending race. That whole full time job and training keeps eating into my time to write and before I know it, […]